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Intercultural communication

Since 2002, I’ve worked at French-German intercultural meetings. My role as a translator and as a language teacher during these training courses was to help young people from Germany, France, Poland and the Czech Republic to develop competencies to enable them to communicate independently. These meetings were organized by different establishments (associations, foundations, schools and universities), which work with the French-German Youth Office. I've worked especially with the association Europa direct e.V. from Dresden and its partners.

Interpretation & Translation

Since I’ve always worked in a bilingual French-German professional environment, I’ve often had to translate documents and speeches. I can produce an elegantly written translation, as well as serve as interpreter for conferences or group visits. Language combinations: German-French bi-directionally, and from English or Polish into German or French.

French & German courses

I graduated with German and French as a foreign Language (Maîtrise Allemand & FLE). I can teach both languages at all levels. I have had experience with demanding and ambitious students throughout my years of professional experience at the embassy. My artistic talents in music and drawing are valuable elements, which I use to develop original and interesting lessons, as well as to present a broad perspective of the classical and contemporary cultures of German and French speaking countries.

I’ve taught in the following schools:

  • Deutsches Studentenwerk
  • Collegium Polonicum (Slubice)
  • Technische Universität Ilmenau
  • Rouanet-Gymnasium Beeskow
  • International House Berlin